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Steve walking in sunny Spain


Steven Nickodemski, originally from Meriden, Connecticut, nestled between Hartford and New Haven, has devoted over five years to his writing journey. His story began in Connecticut, and at age 11, he moved to sunny Florida. At 17, Steven enlisted in the United States Navy, retiring as a Chief Petty Officer in 2005. He later earned a bachelor’s degree in E-Business from Strayer University.


Influenced by the Psychological Thriller genre and inspired by authors like Stephen King and Truman Capote, Steven has a knack for creating stories that grip readers from the start. His first book, “The Marginalized Passenger,” a memoir, explores a childhood marked by trauma while inspiring change and kindness. It received high acclaim, with reviews highlighting its inspirational and empathetic narrative.


Having made his mark with his first novel, Steven has recently segued into the world of poetry, bringing his unique perspective and emotional depth to this new endeavor. In addition to his foray into poetry, he has penned several articles on English and Neurolanguage, blending coaching, science, and neurology for more effective language learning. Outside of writing, he teaches English at his language academy in Southern Spain.


When he’s not writing or teaching, Steven enjoys delving into his favorite Stephen King novels and spending quality time with his family. He is immensely grateful for your visit to his website, appreciating the opportunity to share his world and stories with you. To stay connected and follow his evolving literary journey, subscribe to the newsletter at Your support and engagement are greatly valued. Thank you for joining him on this adventure.

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