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Born and raised in Meriden, Connecticut; a city nestled between Hartford and New Haven, Steven Nickodemski has been writing for the better part of five years.

At 11 years old, Steven moved from the Northeast United States down to sunny Florida; and years later at 17, enlisted in the United States Navy, retiring as a Chief Petty Officer in 2005. Following his time in the military, he received a bachelor’s degree in E-Business from Strayer University.

With a genuine passion both for enjoying, and creating, works under the Psychological Thriller genre, Steven draws inspiration from Stephen King and Truman Capote as he creates literary works that intrigue and inspire; that thrill and envelop from the flip of the first page.

Steven is author of The Marginalized Passenger, a memoir that walks readers through a childhood of trauma, and that inspires readers to be different – to be better, braver and a little kinder. A work well-received by the literary community, reviews speak of inspiration and empathy, of an engaging style and of praise with one reader quoting, “This book inspires you to make your loved ones feel wanted every day of their lives.”

With one book out in the public eye, Steven is thrilled to introduce (or tease) his second book; a murder mystery based on a female serial killer seeking revenge which readers can hope to see sometime during 2023.

In addition to his published books, Steven has written several short articles on the topics of English and Neurolanguage (the process of marrying coaching, science & neurology to create a more effective, efficient language learning process). When he is not writing, he can also be found instructing English at his language academy in beautiful southern Spain.

When not writing or instructing, Steven can be found reading his favorite Stephen King novel or spending time with his family. 

Steven would like to extend a heart-felt thank you for visiting his website today; for taking a moment to dive into his world, and to explore and enjoy the stories he works so hard to create.

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This journey is so much better shared with friends and supporters. Thank you for being one.

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