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Steven Nickodemski, a Rising Author From Connecticut

An author, ex-US Navy Sailor, and entrepreneur, Steven Nickodemski is a man with high ambitions and incredible achievements. Born and raised in Meriden, Connecticut, a city between Hartford and New Haven, Steven has been known for his inspiring life story. Not only that, he has been making headlines for his exceptional writing skills.

This rising author from Connecticut came to Florida when he was only 11 years old. Being a patriotic young man, he joined the United States Navy. During his time as a devoted Sailor, Steven knew that his self-growth and education should never stop. Being highly passionate about studies, he started his bachelor’s degree at Strayer University and went on to complete his degree in E-business.

Being in the Navy, Steven made sure to work-out and stay fit no matter what. A remarkable runner, he, unfortunately, had to stop his running due to a knee injury. Steven wanted to explore different avenues and hence started learning Spanish by himself. After completing 23 years of dedicated service, he retired from the US Navy and embarked on his next adventure.

While many believe life is too short to fulfill all your dreams, people like Steven Nickodemski have proved that nothing is impossible. After retiring at the age of 40, Steven didn’t know what he wanted to do next, but his love to do something, anything, never let him rest, and soon, he found a passion that would redefine who he was. According to Steven, he’s always been great with words. In fact, compared to expressing himself verbally, he felt more comfortable writing down his thoughts. However, it wasn’t until his father passed away from liver cancer that he was shook to the core. Steven was overwhelmed by complex feelings that he wanted to express. He stated, “I decided to write a memoir of my teenage years. Coming from a broken home, divorced parents, a suicidal mother, and an alcoholic and despondent father was too much for me. All those memories I felt I could never discuss with anyone, were rushing around inside me. I needed to tell my story. So, I wrote to showcase the pain, difficulties, and tough times, as well as the light at the end of the tunnel that I lived through.”

Writing a book has been an excellent outlet for Steven. This is where he could jot down the emotions he felt. It has also allowed him to explain all the childhood trauma and put his perspective into words. Although his book was a masterpiece, Steven struggled to get his book published. Discussing the matter further, he said, “Nobody takes you seriously when you are a fledging author because you haven’t sold thousands of copies. Therefore your name isn’t well-known. Promoting your ‘brand’ is a complicated thing, and I knew this.”

As far as new authors are concerned, Steven said that writers like him aren’t taken seriously until their book sells. “The same happened to me. Truth be told, to sell our books and get publishing deals, we need to be well-known authors. After all the struggle, I self-published my memoir under the title, The Marginalized Passenger,” he revealed, adding that not every writer gets that opportunity.

His memoir walks the readers through a traumatized childhood and motivates them to transform their lives and be better, braver, and kinder. The literary community has well-received his work, praising its inspirational and empathetic qualities as well as its engaging language. Moreover, his book has received accolades and rave reviews from readers. “This book motivates you to make your loved ones feel wanted every day of their lives. He creates a story that intrigues and inspires, develops thrill, and captures readers’ attention from the first line,” reviewed one of the readers.

While being an exceptional author, Steven has also written several brief articles on the subjects of English and Neurolanguage. When he is not writing, he indulges in teaching the English language at his school in the stunning southern region of Spain.

With one successful book already out, Steven Nickodemski has announced the launch of his second book somewhere around next year. He has always been inspired by the great Stephen King and Truman Capote and believes in capturing their charisma and storytelling in his writing as well. This is also why he chose to explore the psychological thriller genre for his second book. He teased his fans by disclosing that his fictional book would be based on a murder mystery about a female serial killer seeking revenge.

While we can’t wait to see what surprise he has in store for his fans, one thing is sure Steven Nickodemski is definitely a rising author from Connecticut who is making his presence felt through his fantastic work!

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