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This is where we’re at as of today

After what I would consider quite a hectic week, A few thousand words were still possible for me to punch out. Remember, this is still very much a first draft, and this book, unlike my memoir, will go through two complete drafts before submission to an editor and then a copy editor. Currently, “Ally,” as it is named—changes in the title may or may not happen before publishing—is at 45,686 words. I want to get to at least 90,000 before editing and rewriting the first draft.

As many of my followers already know, I do not plan my writing; it quells my creativity and becomes right and way too defined.

Thoughts must flow like a river—ever-changing and adapting to whatever obstacles it encounters. This, I believe, is best for me. So, keep stopping by to get more updates on the book and its progress. Thanks again for subscribing!

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