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Who is Ally?

Ally is the protagonist of my new novel. She‘s your everyday woman. She could be your mother, daughter, sister, or aunt. Ally is a woman without a voice; being kept silent for so many years has turned this every woman’s woman into something Charles Bronson in Death Wish would be proud of. Ally’s out to right the wrongs in society. Unfortunately, for every woman, there are over a hundred Allys—Silent and voiceless. However, release her from the metaphorical chains that, once bound, she becomes a force you don’t want to reckon with. She’s sweet and polite until she’s not. What does that mean? It means don’t fuck with her, or you’ll be sorry. There was no way I could make Ally the Antagonist of my book because nothing she does is evil; on the contrary, what she does is even the playing field to right the evil in her world. To call Ally, the Antagonist would not only be unjust but untrue and defamatory to her character. Ally develops through the novel Which you will see Once you start reading. More to follow on Ally and other characters in my upcoming novel “Ally.”

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